University of North Texas

Client Situation

OE+E was commissioned to provide foodservice facilities design and project management services for the popular University of North Texas dining facility, Bruce Dining Hall.

However, UNT Dining Services understood that the current operations – the dining room, serving area and kitchen – were worn and in need of major upgrades and a refresh so students could enjoy a revitalized space, expanded menu selection and new points of service.

OEA Solution

OE+A researched the changes in food service technology, behaviors and needs among millennials to design a cost efficient layout that maximized labor and equipment investment while staying on budget and on time for the renovation.

The Bruce Dining Hall then underwent a complete facelift and concept upgrade of the serving area. Gone were the old style institutional straight lines serving counters, now replaced with new action stations that offered multiple foods and service styles. New colors and finishes provided an exciting retail feel to the renewed operation.

These changes made a marked improvement in student and customer satisfaction and utilization. It was successful operation because OE+A worked hand-in-hand during all phases of this project with our UNT Dining Services client team.