St. Dominic's Hospital

Client Situation

OE+A was commissioned by Barlow, Eddy & Jenkins PA and St. Dominic’s–Jackson Memorial Hospital in 2015 for the planning and implementation of the kitchen renovation to support 571 hospital beds and a full-service cafeteria, coffee kiosk and snack bar within the hospital complex. The original kitchen was built in the 1970’s and had not been updated or modified to keep up with the growth and expansion of the hospitals services.

OE+A Solution

The new kitchen features state of the art cooking equipment hood and UDS (Utility Distribution Systems) for flexibility with equipment change out or moving for equipment for new food concept production. A new two-station Room Service tray assembly line was also a major part of the renovation.

Kitchen Plan: 9,726 sf
Budget: $1,945,200 / $200 sf