Cerner Corporation Innovation Campus

Client Situation

Orlando Espinosa + Associates was commissioned by Gould Evans Architects and Cerner Corporation to study and recommend the food service requirements for the new Innovations Campus, a.k.a. Three Trails to be located in Kansas City, KS.

This new campus was to be built with multiple towers for an eventual population of 16,000 associates. The challenge was to properly size and design a food service operation that could grow as the population increased over a few years until the campus was full built and staffed.

OEA Solution

After much analysis, it was decided to fit out the new food hall and fully equip the 12 Points of Service (POS) stations as the employee population increased, to be phased in to support increase over years.

Four POS were equipped to operate during all day parts of service and be capable of serving a wide variety of menu items for each day part. This would allow the foodservice operator to meet the food and beverage need of the population throughout the increase until the campus was fully staffed, with all POS open and accommodating the complete population.

The Food Hall, main kitchen, catering kitchen and POS represented approximately 19,476 sf while 12,000 represented the seating and lounge spaces.
Total food service equipment budget was approximately $2.9M